Conclusion: the re-formation of the JLA has inspired our enemies to assemble a team of their own … with Lex Luthor calling the plays. Ordinarily I’d say were in trouble but we have an advantage here. Luthor still has no idea he’s dealing with someone who’s as familiar with corporate takeover techniques as he is. Someone who plays the game much better than he does. Bruce Wayne. Let’s take him out.
Bruce Wayne, JLA: Rock of Ages Part 2 of 6. Always bet on Bruce.
I’m “only human”; they don’t believe I can penetrate their stronghold. They don’t believe I pose a threat. Wrong. The wreck of my plane provided me with everything I need. Including the one clue that makes them vulnerable. I know exactly where they come from. I know who they are. And I’m coming in.
Batman, in Grant Morrison’s JLA: New World Order, mopping the floor with the Hyperclan. In seven days, he rises.