For 30 years, ten months, and four days, she was the light of my life, my whole ambition. Anything else I did was just the fire for her to warm her hands at.
Raymond Chandler on Cissy Pascal, quoted in “Burning Witches" by Michael Rogin, London Review of Books (Sept 1997). One of my lost habits from grad school is faithfully reading the LRB. This is from Michaelmas 1997, St Antony’s Common Room.

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"Small Demons has the potential to cut through the noise, to allow readers to discover new works based not on people’s spending habits, but on the content of the books themselves and the context in which they exist. For writers, the advantage of a project like Small Demons is that they need only do what they have always done. If the act of storytelling draws on a tradition that has always been, in a sense, networked, then the technology merely ramps up and extends that network, updating it to a simple click through."